Male Hair Loss

Most men will experience some kind of hair loss in their life time and will be noticeably bald by the time they are in their fifties and it can start as early as their twenties. Male pattern baldness usually runs in the family and is a common cause of permanent hair loss although there are other types of hair loss caused by stress, alopecia, iron deficiency, illness and weight loss that can cause temporary and permanent hair loss.

Conventional Treatments

Whilst there are lots of options available to treat baldness, the results, longevity and practicalities of application vary considerably. Listed below are three of the most popular forms of conventional treatments that men are considering today to tackle their hair loss.

Hair Transplant

Men opting for hair transplants is becoming popular as prices decrease and choice of providers increase. No longer are transplants a hugely expensive option only accessible to footballers and film stars. The procedure involves harvesting hair from dense areas of the head and implanting them in areas that are thinning. Whilst the short term results can be successful it doesn't meet everyone's expectations long term. Men considering hair transplants should be asking themselves; a) do I have enough hair density to cover my thinning areas? b) if I continue loosing my hair will I have enough density for a second transplant? c) can I cope with the downtime during the recovery period


If you have thinning hair you may already be using concealer products such as hair fibers. These products are sprayed or sprinkled onto the hair and create an optical illusion of hair on thinning and patches by instantly disguising them. Whilst this treatment is economical, easy to use and provide a temporary solution, some men struggle with the practicalities of having to apply the concealer on a regular basis and some live in a state of anxiety that people may discover it's temporary.


There are a range of prescription and non-prescription drugs that are commonly used to stop heredity hair loss and possibly regrow new hair. The most commonly used are Rogain (non-prescription) which is applied to the scalp twice a day and Propecia (prescription) which is a pill that is taken once a day. 

The effectiveness of these drugs depends on your age and the location of the hair loss. These medicines don't work for everyone and you should not expect to regrow a full head of hair. It can take 6 months of treatment before you see results.

These medicines slow thinning of the hair and increase coverage of the scalp by growing new hair. They also thicken the shafts of your existing hair so that it grows in thicker. Any hair that has grown in will gradually be lost if you stop using the drugs. Within 6 to 12 months after you stop using the drugs your scalp will most likely look the same as it did before treatment.

Men considering the use of hair loss drugs should be asking themselves a) will I experience some of the side effects including loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction? b) how long should I stay on them? c) what will I do when I stop using them?

How does Hair Loss  affect you?

Whilst hair loss doesn't affect how some men feel about themselves, there are lots of men that have low self esteem, lack of confidence or feel older before their time as a direct result of hair loss. Some men are in a state of desperation having tried everything to sort out their hair loss problem and each failed solution perpetuates a vicious cycle of worry, low confidence and poor self-image.

This is another option…..

Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is hair loss treatment that has been around since 2002 and continues to deliver a permanent solution for men suffering from general hair loss, alopecia and scalp scars including those as a result of hair transplant surgery. Of the solutions available, few are as immediate, permanent, realistic, hassle-free, non-invasive and cost-effective as the SMP technique.

SMP is a highly detailed process that creates an incredibly natural looking simulation of micro hairs using cosmetic tattooing techniques. Our sophisticated scalp application is administered to the head, usually over 2-3 sessions spaced about a week apart, to create the illusion of hair follicles.

The SMP technique can result in the appearance of a cropped hairstyle or for clients that are not ready to buzz their heads, SMP can create the appearance of fuller thicker hair , the choice is yours. Even clients who are completely bald can have a natural looking hairstyle again.

The  SMP technique involves no surgery, no scarring, no drugs and no hair pieces. Very little ongoing maintenance is required although you can choose to have further SMP treatments to adapt you new style.

Are you ready?

Making a decision to have Scalp MicroPigmentation is a big decision. You may have already tried alternative solutions and become disheartened by the results or lack of results. You may be skeptical to try another solution that is perceived as being new. The thought of having a cosmetic tattoo on your head may worry you. You're not alone although thousands of people are currently enjoying the hassle free benefits of SMP.   We have treated many clients from Sevenoaks, Aylesford, West Malling and many areas in Kent.

Are you ready to look younger?

Book in for a free no-obligation consultation and we can discuss the options available to you, answer your questions and show you examples of our work. You don't even have to come into our studio as we can provide the consultation over video using WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain…..

Happy clients

Alex - Male Model

Scalp MicroPigmentation creates fuller hair

Alex had a hair transplant three years ago but was fed up of using hair fibers to conceal some areas that were still thin. 

“Love it! No-one would ever know”

Matt - Mortgage Advisor

New hairline created using Scalp MicroPigmentation to disguise male pattern baldness

Matt had gradually been losing his hair due to male pattern baldness that runs in his family.

“It certainly knocked off a few years” 

Dayle – Chef

New hairlines created with Scalp MicroPigmentation to disguise tension alopecia hairloss

Dayle lost his hair due to tension alopecia as a result of having canerow hairstyles for many years.

“So happy I don’t have to wear a hat anymore”

Dom - Sales Consultant

New hairline created with Scalp MicroPigmentation to disguise male pattern hairloss

Dom wanted a super natural looking enhancement to disguise his shrinking  hairline. 

"Couldn't be happier with the results"

Defined Lines will pay existing SMP clients £50 to refer somebody that goes ahead with a Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment.  We will also provide a £50 discount to the person you refer.

John's Journey

Dayle's Journey

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Matt's journey